If you’re at the end of your tether and run out of ideas, don’t worry, here are plenty of creative ways you can keep your children entertained this summer.

Kids can benefit from gardening for instance. It’s a great way to learn about nature and wonderfully sensory. Maybe it’s time to move on from finger painting, and get them really interested in art. There are several inspiring options online. Stay active and healthy with some great fitness apps as well.

Work those little green thumbs

Young kids tend to have a shorter attention span, so it might be a good idea to get some seeds that will grow quickly. Some examples include salad, cress, and sunflowers. You can start them off on the window sill so to get them interested early. Take a look at a selection of summer vegetables as well to try. You could even make your own bird-feeders out of recycled materials such as a plastic bottle. Encourage your kids to make a scrapbook or online diary for example. They can then share this with friends and family, even while they’re stuck at home. Think of fun creative ways to get them interested like by upcycling household items to make plant pots and other decorations. They’ll be busy in the yard all day, so don’t forget the sun cream!

Inspire their artistic side

The artist Louise Lawler in collaboration with MoMa is offering a fun interactive program where she recreates tracings for you of famous pieces of artwork, and you can color them in. This will keep you busy for hours, both adults and children alike. Tate Kids has loads of fun interactive options online. You can make pop art like Andy Warhol, learn about street art, or even make a painting out of chocolate. If you want to keep the house clean, check out these 4 websites where kids can create digital art, again, there really is no age restriction. Start a blog about your projects! If you’re not very tech-savvy, get expert advice on custom website design.

Get in those wiggles and jiggles

Make exercising into a game with these fun fitness apps. Sworkit has a collection of fun workouts. It’s a free app for both iOS and Android and starts at age 4 and up. The varying types of exercises have a “random” option so you can keep your kids on their toes, literally. Another great app, Just Dance Now, is free and easy to use. Choose your favorite pop songs and dance along together. You’ll need a monitor or smart TV to watch the routines and then use the phone as the controller. Zombies, Run! is a running game that encourages players to keep going. It’s great for runners, both adults, and kids. It’s more suitable for older children and the recommended age is 12 and up.

As you can see technology isn’t all bad, and it makes a darn good babysitter! Keep your kids busy and have some fun this summer.