It can feel like a jungle when you start looking at strollers for the first time.

What do we really need? Which cart will suit our family? What should we consider when choosing a wagon? What do all terms mean?

There are some questions that are good to start with when looking at a stroller. We start with the simplest:

What do you prefer in the days?

If you are a person who mostly moves in the inner city, likes to go for business and often goes municipal, then we would recommend a smooth, slightly smaller wagon. The wheels do not have to be huge, but you will want swivel front wheels (most strollers have this today, with the exception of some more “classic” models).

If you also have a very small elevator (which is common in the inner city) there are some models that are extra narrow. Or maybe no elevator at all? No problem. There are several different soft lifts that you can have in the stroller’s body part and allow you to park the entire carriage at designated place in the gate or in the carriage storage and then easily carry your baby up the stairs in the soft lift.

If you are a person who lives a little outside the city, or would like to move in the woods and land, we would recommend looking at a trolley with sturdy wheels and good suspension.

Things that are good to throw an extra eye on:

  1. The seat unit. Look more at the seat part than the body part. You usually only have the recumbent part for 6 months, while the seat part is used most of the wagon’s useful life.
  2. Is the seat part reversible? Most people prefer a reversible seat part so that the child nashville carnival games can sit facing you for the first time in a seat part. In general, it can be said that tricycles have a forward facing seat part and quad bikes have reversible, but this can vary between brands and models.
  3. How high does the handle of the trolley become? It is especially important if you are two people to drive the car and one of you is over medium length.
  4. Shopping basket (storage space under the trolley). Depending on your lifestyle, you will probably want an easily accessible and spacious shopping cart that swallows everything from toys and carrying harnesses to a grocery bag if needed.
  5. How small does the wagon collapse? If you have a small car, you may want to check that the carriage really fits in the luggage compartment.

What is the difference between the different car types?

There are many concepts to keep track of in the pram world. We work out what is what!

Single Wagon

Single carriage is a carriage with only a seat part, and sometimes wagons are meant with only a reclining part. The common denominator is that they are intended only for a child. Most single-carriages can be made into pigeon wagons / combination wagons by buying for a reclining or soft lift.


Duo trolley is a trolley consisting of two parts, one sitting part and one reclining part. It is thus a carriage that you can have from newborn and until the child nashville carnival games reaches the maximum weight for the seat part. Most stroller brands are based on pigeon wagons, or single carriages where you buy a recumbent to make the car a pigeon car.

Sibling Wagon

A sibling car is exactly what it sounds like. A wagon for two siblings, of different ages. If you want to read more about sibling carts online or you can ask experts.

Twin Trolley

The twin caravan is adapted for two children of the same age. Two recliners, two recliners. Some wagons can be purchased with the parts you need for the moment, and some are sold in complete packages where you get everything in one go. Twin cars, just like sibling cars, can be constructed in different ways. Either the children sit next to each other on the bank, or they sit on the length. Most of our customers prefer a sibling or twin carriage on the width, but in some cases where you have restrictions in the form of doors, elevators or cars, a carriage in the length is required.

Travel System

The Travel System involves a trolley with a seat part, sometimes with a reclining part and always with baby covers (including adapters for attaching to the trolley). Sometimes this is sold as a finished package and sometimes it is a term used to emphasize that it is possible to attach a baby cover to the carriage. The majority of all wagons now have car seat adapters as accessories.

Travel Trailer

The trolley is a simpler, and above all smaller, trolley. Some models also offer recliners and the option of attaching baby covers to the chassis, so you can use it from newborn. Several models of travel wagons become so small that you can bring them as hand luggage on the flight. These are also best strollers for offroad terrains which you can carry while travelling.

Stroller / Forward-facing stroller / Sulky

Dear child, many names. In this category places simpler wagons with a fixed, forward-facing seat. These trolleys are usually used as extra trolleys or trolleys to and from preschool.

Hope this information helped you navigate easier in the jungle jungle! When you feel ready to order, you can visit any local store order online through various shopping sites that meets all the above guidelines