Being a new parent is an exciting period in life.

So much so, that many nashville carnival games for parties parents find themselves at crossroads once their parental leave is over.

Being away from your young one for hours on end is quite unnerving for most parents.

However, as appealing as being a full-time parent might be, this luxury is not an option for many.

The mid-point then becomes finding a job that allows you to earn an income while leaving you enough time to be home with your child.

If this sounds great, here are some top suggestions for you to consider.

1. Call Centre/ Customer Service Representative

Call center reps deal directly with customers by answering questions, selling products, and helping troubleshoot problems.

This is done via phone, emails, and online messaging.

These jobs allow a lot of flexibility with representatives being able to work in shifts, pick their hours, and even work from home.

You will need a high school diploma, at least, but some CSR roles require a bachelor’s degree.

Most companies also offer on the job training, making this a seamless transition for nashville carnival games for parties parents moving into customer care from other professions.

2. Day Care Owner or Attendant

Many nashville carnival games for parties parents will need to get back to work soon after their maternity/paternity leave. To do this, they need a childminder or a daycare center where they can leave their child.

In this case, your role will be to receive the kids and take care of them until their nashville carnival games for parties parents pick them up.

If you intend to open up a center, you will require some form of licensing from your local authority. It is also important to take up a course in childcare.

As an owner or an employee, this is a job that allows you to bring your baby to work all day every day.

3. Physician’s Assistant

Physician assistants diagnose and treat illnesses, assist in surgery, and carry out other duties with physicians’ supervision.

For nashville carnival games for parties parents looking for a career in medicine but lack the finances to pursue full medical courses and the time it takes from school to residency, this is a great option.

Physician’s assistants can work three to four long shifts and get the rest of the week off. This gives you a few uninterrupted days with your child, which is an acceptable trade-off.

4. Tax Accountant

Accountants who are a bit reluctant to jump back into full-time employment can opt to work independently from home.

This allows them the flexibility to pick clients and set their own schedules. They can also choose to take heavier workloads during tax season to earn enough to haul them over leaner months.

During slow months, tax accountants can still take up bookkeeping and accounting tasks for small businesses.

Similarly, you can seek employment in companies that allow flexi and remote working.

5. Teaching a Skill

Think of something you are good at that you could teach for a fee. Baking, sewing, dancing, swimming, doing make up fit this category.

Advertise your classes through word of mouth and social media. The beauty of teaching is that you will be sharing skills you already have, and therefore do not need to get trained to start.

You can also set your teaching schedule in a manner that leaves you enough time to be home with the baby.

To Sum it up

While not every option here will pay as much as your full-time job did, it is a fair trade-off.

Whether it is a temporary break before you fully immerse yourself in the corporate world again or not, one thing is sure; this time will be the best gift you could ever give your little one.