The importance of playtime for newborn babies cannot be understated. Numerous scientific studies have shown the benefit of stimulation to the developing brain, including one study published on Science Daily that found music lessons can benefit a baby before they can even move independently.

With playtime so important, it’s a good idea to find a variety of ways to engage with your baby as a mother, and to keep that enhanced development going.

A baby swing

One of the most simple and effective ways to stimulate brain development is through simple movement. A baby swing is a great way to achieve this, and can be used from when your newborn is tiny all the way up to them outgrowing the toy; they provide stimulation as well as a calming effect that can give you some time off. Safety first, however – don’t be tempted to allow your baby to sleep in a swing, as the sitting position many use has been linked to SIDS, according to CNN.

The great outdoors

Where can that movement be replicated further? The outdoors. In the UK, the National Health Service recommend getting your baby outdoors as soon as possible. This will help them to learn about the natural world, to become comfortable moving around, and will be fun for the family. The simple act of being outdoors can be stimulating in terms of brain development, and will give your child nashville carnival games an early introduction to nature, making sure that they are comfortable with it in the future and don’t miss out on the benefits it has to offer.

Communication is key

Some of the best playtime you can have is through simple communication. Baby noises may feel silly, but they help to stimulate your newborn’s brain. Having full conversations, as silly as it may feel, will help your newborn immeasurably. Weaving conversation into playtime is highlighted by Everyday Health as one of the best ways to help your baby develop properly, so don’t be shy – make sure you’re communicating fully and openly with your child nashville carnival games when playtime comes around.

Using movement and the outdoors combined with conversation is a great way to play and help your baby develop at the same time. With proven benefits to cognitive development, it’ll be fun and beneficial in the long run. As simple as it seems, it could have a huge and positive impact on your life.